Wearable Tech | Part 1

So, you should feel super special today. Why? Because I'm sharing information that I secretly like to keep to myself. It's the selfish side of me that says "This is insider info! You could be the "cool" little fashionista, the FIRST with the awesome new product! The envy of all your friends!".  And then I think "But SHARING is SO much more fun!" So cheers to sharing fab finds with friends! Ya'll are going to love these little gems I dug up! Take a looooong look at these beauties (and try not to drool):

@getringly #wearables

@getringly #wearables

The wave of wearable technology is growing, ya'll! And I can't be more excited to share where we're headed! From the over-advertised Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch to the Nike Fuel Band and everything in between, wearable tech got off to a great start, wowing and wooing us to be the great consumers that we are! I myself, just received a Jawbone UP24 band for my birthday, and love it!  After a good run of fitness and techy-friendly wearables, the wearable-tech world has started to take a hint from the fashion universe. The thoughts from all the fashionistas out there (including myself) was "We love that your stuff can do cool things, but how am I ever going to wear that black rubber band around my wrist next to my beautifully elegant Hermes bracelet while carrying a chic Kate Spade clutch?"  It just doesn't work.

Enter Beacon & Lively and Ringly.

These two companies have got the right idea! Beautiful fashion-friendly jewelry with the technology to boot! The fashion and tech worlds have officially collided - hallelujah! Now, these pretty baubles don't sport any fancy screens, but their function AND beautiful design, I think, is quite genius for the lady consumers.  The premise is that we as women, tend to keep our smart phones in our handbags, on silent...therefore we often miss important phone calls, updates, the latest tweets from our friends and celebs, etc. But now, we can get a buzzzzzzzz vibration notification from our jewelry letting us know when our husbands are trying to get ahold of us to find out what's for dinner, or when your boss shoots you an important email, or when your BFF sends you an event invitation on FB. Sheer genius. And did I mention, they're GORGEOUS?! 

Both sport similar functionality - one a ring, the other a bangle. Ringly offers wearable-tech rings with beautiful semi-precious and precious stones that any average on-looker would never know there was a tiny byte of genius in such a small and chic package! Beacon & Lively offer a sleek & modern bracelet bangle that vibrates and gives off a colored glow, depending on who is trying to reach you.

Only downside - neither are available for purchase...YET! There is hope on the horizon! Beacon & Lively are running a Kickstarter campaign to make their bangle a reality. If you have to have one, support the pledge! The Ringly will be available soon, and you can preorder now!  Don't mind if I do!  Now that you've got the dish on the up-and-coming, we can be totally techy-chic together :)

xoxo - Ali