Happy 4th of July!


In honor of the Fourth of July Weekend, I always take a moment to reflect on the freedoms we have in the great USofA. We are beyond fortunate to worship freely, to have access to clean water and medicine, we are truly blessed to live with very few worries compared to that of the rest of the world.  And I think about so many of the needs this world has, and what are we doing to help alleviate burdens and bring freedom (financial, physical, mental, emotional) to others? 

I've always loved and been inspired by non-profits and companies that are meeting a major humanitarian crisis' or needs through fashion, art or everyday homewares.  Not only do I as a consumer feel GREAT about my purchase, because it's a beautiful product, but I also feel I get to be a part of a bigger story.  When I wear jewelry by The Brave Collection or Made With Love, or when I'm rocking this clutch or this water bottle, I get to talk about a need this world has. Whether it be human trafficking, social sustainability, or providing for basic needs like water - by purchasing one of these goodies I get to raise awareness (because something that looks that stylish can't go unnoticed). I get excited that I have contributed to helping and impacting a cause for the betterment of this world, and I get to inspire others to do the same.  Because let's be honest, this world (even though I like to see it through rose-colored glasses) can be ugly sometimes.  So why not make it a better place with pretty things that can truly make a positive social impact and bring real freedom to others!

Here are just a few of my favorite products and their causes that are a part of the movement towards a better world:


(clockwise from the top)

Not For Sale, WHIT Peru Dot Clutch - fighting human trafficking 

Ashley PittmanMwanga Bangles & Shaba Light Horn Bronze Pyramid Stud Earrings - rural Kenyan village support for social sustainability

Kate Spade On Purpose, Solid Bow Tote & Luxury Pom Pom Scarf - helping provide economic stability for a village of women in Rwanda

S'well Water Bottles, Glitter Collection in Sparkling Champagne, Satin Collection in Electric EelMatte Collection in MatadorTextiles Collection in Santorini - partner of charitable organizations such as WaterAid, American Forests, and Drink Up

The Brave Collection, Limitless Collection Sand Bracelet & Brave Bracelet in Cerulean - fighting human trafficking in Cambodia

Warby ParkerMadison Rum Cherry Sunglasses - providing glasses to those in need