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I took a stroll through Grapevine a couple weeks ago - had a great time laughing with my little one, Asher, enjoying the rest with the hubs, and taking in the morning sun as a family. I sure do love our quaint little town :)

So often when we're out, I get asked the question: What are you wearing?

It got me thinking….It's a fairly common question asked amongst both women & men, regarding anything from cologne, clothes, jewelry, makeup, accessories - typically asked because we like what we see. But sometimes when I look in the mirror, I don't like what I see AT ALL. All I see are flaws and insecurities. And then I thought,

"What if the condition of my heart is evident in what I'm wearing? What if my anger, frustration, doubt, insecurity, etc. is evident to friends and strangers alike that I encounter every day?"

I know most of what we wear is just superficial & necessary, but what if it meant more? Just WHAT IF, subconsciously, what we choose to wear becomes an outward expression of our inner condition?

What if a bold lipstick or printed top means we're choosing to put on & embrace confidence, instead of insecurity. Or what if an elegant dress or intentionally curled hair meant we want to embrace our graceful side? A relaxed outfit meant rest. What if new boots really just meant we want adventure?

Me - I want to choose to put on and wear inspiration (hence the The Giving Key around my neck that says "Inspire" - If you haven't checked out The Giving Keys yet, you totally should!). I want to wear humility. I want to wear courage. I want to wear faith, love, strength, adventure, grace & kindness.

I want these to be the things that are evident, the things that are seen. But I have to choose to put that on in the morning. It's a conscious choice to BE confident & wear it for the day - inside & out.

What are you choosing to put on and wear today?

It's a choice. Don't believe the inner voice telling you you aren't pretty, or capable, or good enough, or thin enough, or strong enough.

You ARE. Say it. Choose it. Wear it.

xoxo - Ali


IMPORTANT: Now, I’d really love to hear from you!

Have you ever struggled with this whole “insecurity” thing? What’s helped you to choose to put on and wear something positive for the day? How have you battled & conquered your insecurities and embraced confidence? Leave a comment below!

I love that you come here each week for insight and inspiration! And your story may be exactly what someone else needs to hear to gain that extra bit of confidence this week.

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