Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.
— P.J. O’Rourke

What someone reads says a lot about them. So what better way to get to know me a little better than taking a peek into my "library" - if you can call a small stack of magazines that. 

Here's what's currently falling out of my tote on the reg this week:

1. LUSH | A Fresh Perspective

I know this may seem so totally weird that I'm "currently reading" a catalog. Sounds kinda ditzy and cliché (as if! <----see what I did there?), but trust me, there's some fresh and juicy stuff in here peeps - and it goes FAR beyond bath bombs and granola-cruchin,' tree-huggin,' handmade deodorants, too! I snatched this up in the airport, and my mind is seriously blown on the thought and care that goes into the LUSH line of cosmetics. If you haven't already been introduced to LUSH, then let me: they use REAL organic fruits & veggies in their products, and it's all 100% handmade, and socially/environmentally-conscious to boot! Think skin-lovin' smoothie for your body! YUM! 

FAVE ARTICLE: I can't pick! From Moroccan argan nut crackin' village wonder women, to a front row seat step-by-step in making an Avobath bomb, they're all amazing. Just trust me - you gotta pick this 'log up at your nearest LUSH store, read it online, or do as I did and sign up to get them in your inbox. You'll be enlightened with a super fresh perspective on soap. I mean, how can you NOT love a company who believes, and I quote: "in happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud." Anyone who uses "mum" in their mission statement has my heart. 

2. DOMINO | Fall 2015 Edition

One thing you gotta know about me, if you don't know already, I have an affinity for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING interiors. And so, now knowing that, of course I have a Domino mag on hand.

FAVE ARTICLE: As much as I love me some Mindy Kahling, I gotta say the Destination: Marfa, TX article speaks right to my southern heart. Being a wanderluster myself (I think I just made up a word), I am obsessed with the fact that a stylishly-saavy glossy like Domino is featuring a small little Texas town. Prada Marfa against the desert landscape, can we say Yee-Haw to a getaway or what?! Cue the Garth Brooks folks - I blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots...

3. INC. | September Edition

If you ever need inspiration regarding any kind of business idea or dream, grab an INC. mag - it won't let you down. And the INC. 500 edition showcases the fastest growing private companies in America and gives the 411 on how the entrepreneurs behind the dollars kept it together. Need I say more?

FAVE ARTICLE: Not gonna lie, it's the cover story, INC 500, How to Rocket Up the Learning Curve. An aspiring entrepreneur myself, I love reading the success stories of the heroes and their plight to entrepre-stardom. They have guts, determination, and their risk game is on fleek (see definition here, I had to look it up myself at one point…like what da heck is a fleek, anyway? And how does one get "on" it?). My favorite line from the whole article, isn't even a full quote, but it jumped off the page - "Flawed but fearless." YES and AMEN! I think we can all get down with that mentality! 

What are some of your good-reads that have your juices flowin'? Share a favorite quote or read below, or tag me in a post on Instagram or Facebook! Please, do tell! I'd love to hear what's got you inspired this week!

xoxo - Ali Rae Alltop