Born and raised in Texas, Ali grew up with a love of art, design and all things creative. From a young age, her passion for design and detail was easily seen. At the age of 18, Ali packed up all of her belongings to go a short 30 minutes away to study interior design at Texas Christian University. In 2010, she earned her bachelors in Interior Design with a special interest in Graphic Design.

Soon after graduation, Ali started working as a designer for an online invitation company, then a letterpress stationer. From there she worked as a Visual Designer for Fossil, Inc. corporate headquarters, where she got a front row seat to how multi-million dollar fashion brands conducted their creative process. Throughout her time there, she soaked up lots of inspiration and found her true passion: creative design execution, marketing and brand experience. In 2016, she resigned from her Fossil position to finalize the adoption of her daughter. Recently she took the plunge into a full time career as the Creative Director for Embrace Grace, and since then, has continued to built her freelance portfolio. Ali's work is strongly grounded in femininity, ranging from lettering and calligraphy to typeface design, traditional illustration. As a freelancer, she's had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients like Gateway Worship, The Wall Street Journal, Google, Disney, Martha Stewart, and Tiffany & Co.